Dream: Other World School

I found myself on a completely other world from our normal Earthly world. It seems normal to me, the society I live in, in this place.

I am a 10 year old boy, and my best friend in this world is a 10 year old girl. We always play together, and now that school is starting, we’re in class together too.

We’re going to school now – it’s the first day of school.  We go to our class room, we each have only a small piece of paper and pen. I’m sitting at a desk, one of many in rows, about 30 desks total, mostly filled with children our age. There’s lots of excitement in the room, and I’m very excited too, waiting for the class to begin.

A male teacher walks in. I have to concentrate to understand the words he’s saying. He’s talking and telling us various facts the moment he enters the doorway, before he even gets to the front of the class. I can’t remember what he’s saying too well, so I take notes – I write down words on my paper and draw relationships between words and concepts, kind of clumsily, the way I know we’re all supposed to do it.

I look up and see the teacher is drawing a giant mind-map style drawing of what he’s talking about without missing a beat – he’s talking and writing very quickly – drawing and speaking continuously at the same time. His drawing is very helpful, it reinforces  the concepts and relationships he’s expressing, because we can see and hear them at the same time, and think about them and absorb them more easily.

The problem is, should I look at him and his drawing, or down at my paper, in order to try to record what he’s drawing and saying? I can only look at one thing at a time… should I be writing what he already said, and possibly miss the next thing he’s currently saying?  This is hard!  It’s the same old problem I remember from this life time, growing up and going to school on the Physical plane.

I try to capture something he said already, that has now gone by – it’s important but I sort of missed it; some historical fact that did not happen on August 6th. I verified with my best friend sitting next to me in a low voice, then looked at the teacher’s drawing of that part of the information – I tried to reproduce it on my piece of paper.

That’s when I saw something funny happen on my paper – it literally would NOT let me draw a line between the historic event I wrote, and the date “August 6th” that I had written next to it! I tried drawing a line between the two again and again, but it would just fade out and be blank! I’m young, this is the first day of class for me, and I’m not used to this. But this behavior makes sense to me when I think about it – the event did NOT HAPPEN on August 6th – that’s what the teacher said – so, my note-recording instruments should not let me draw a line between those two things! That would be wrong information.

My school mind-map notes looked roughly like this (drawn from left to right, time-wise):


Now, let me just mention that this is not at all how I take notes in the Physical world. I’m a very organized person, but I don’t like doing “mind maps”, which is what we call these type of diagrams on the physical plane.  I tried doing a few mind-maps for brain-storming ideas a couple of years ago and I really didn’t like it.  It just doesn’t fit with the way I think. It’s not linear enough. However, in this dream, it felt very natural to draw the above diagram, it made the most sense for the information being relayed to us by the teacher. It’s weird to me, now, to think that drawing diagrams like above would ever “make sense” to me, but it did.

What I observed when I focused in on my notes, or maybe what the teacher had drawn on his display board, looked like this:


This time-diagram is a mechanism built into our “paper”, and this particular one represents “not Aug 6th”. It’s a circle with all the dates of the year on it, except there’s a gap in the circle right on 1 day: Aug 6th. This way the circle represents “not August 6th”.  The circle is like a filter for that fact, a modifier for it, which the note-taking instrument uses to help you keep your notes straight.  Pretty amazing.  I’ve never seen anything like this on the Physical plane.

This went on for some time, but I don’t remember much else from the class.

After school let out, as I was walking out of the building, I passed another teacher (not my teacher from class, but another one) and I said, “this school is fun! there’s secrets in here!” meaning I could tell there were secret things going on at the school, in the curriculum, and in the content taught today – sort of like Easter Eggs, things to be discovered that weren’t obvious to us yet; or like the notes that wouldn’t let me draw the wrong thing on them. There was another secret thing, too, which I forgot before I could write all this down in my journal, but I wast thinking of these 2 occurrences when I made that statement.

The teacher I said that to was startled – he expressed that he didn’t feel there were any secrets. I knew there were, and in the first day I had found two examples that I had recited in my mind. I was happy and excited to be there, looking forward to tomorrow’s day in class.  And now it was time to go home from school.

Thinking About This Dream

I believe this was a school on the higher-mental plane. I am not sure why I was 10 years old, possibly this was a memory of a past life experience.

I found it funny that part of my consciousness was from there (because I understood the language, how to behave, how to take notes in that mind-map format); and part of my consciousness was from here (I was noticing all the “secrets” that aren’t things you normally see in physical-plane schools). I was partly from here, partly from there, in this dream, and I reacted that way in the presence of other people.

If this had been an Astral dream, the second teacher would have said “oh yea, there’s secrets,” and smiled wanly, and walked away or said something immaterial, to go with the flow.  But instead he reacted unexpectedly (I startled him), and he denied it, which I immediately thought was strange – he, of all people, should know about secrets that the school is embedding in their classes! I had expected him to be proud of me for figuring it out so quickly, before the other students did; but I didn’t get any gratification from telling him after all.

That, and the fact that the teacher talked too fast for me to follow, tells me that this was a Higher Mental level dream.  This sort of thing happens all the time up there, difficulty following what people are saying, when I bring my slower “brain” mind/consciousness with me.  But I have to bring it, if I’m to remember enough to write down in my journal!  My lower-self has to be partly awake up there for me to remember the dream down here.

I dreamed this in November 2013. I don’t recall ever dreaming this dream before, it was a new one to me.


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