Dream: UFOs in the Sky

From time to time I have dreams about UFOs. I’ve had them occasionally all my life.

In this dream I had last month I looked up into the sky and saw a triangle with lots of bright red and green lights shining from the bottom. Other people around me could see the UFO too, and were looking, pointing, and exclaiming about it.

Suddenly the triangle craft started to fly directly away from me, very fast. It was getting smaller and smaller. It almost disappeared, then suddenly –

A different, much larger, ship appeared in the sky, in the same place as the triangle one, just as close as the triangle one was when I first saw it a few seconds ago. I heard no sound from either craft, I could only see them.

This new ship was not triangle shaped, I forget what shape it was, more circular or oval I think. But on the bottom it had funny arc’s going in different directions as a repeating pattern, like this:


then once it moved closer overhead and past, I saw each of those patterns was a cylinder hole for a fan or a vent of some sort, with lines in them (rings). Looking directly up at the bottom it looked like this:


Evenly spaced cylindrical holes.

Voices of people around me exclaimed about the UFO and talked about it, “wow, look, a UFO, what is it doing, where is it going,” that sort of thing.

At this point I made myself wake up, and I told my wife what I saw. She was sleeping in the bed next to me as usual. She said she hadn’t been dreaming of a UFO, and I felt sad about that – I’ve always wanted to share a dream with someone close. That doesn’t seem to be a thing, though, in our world, at least not that I’ve ever experienced, but I keep hoping.

We were in a weird room, though, with lots of native American wall hangings and knick-knacks, too much stuff really, like you might find in an old hotel room in the southwestern United States where the hotel owner was trying too hard to decorate.

Then some obviously Astral things started to happen, I saw big bugs crawling on things, which is a sign that I’m still Astrally dreaming, so I realized I wasn’t awake after all!  So I forced myself to wake up again.

This time I woke up for real (on the physical plane), and I wrote this all down in my journal.

So I guess that means that my original dream was on the Mental Plane – because I “woke up” downwards, into the Astral Plane, then “woke up” from there, downwards, back to the Physical plane!  I had gotten confused.

For me, UFO dreams often relate to some kind of energetic changes going on within my system. I wish I knew more about this.



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