Smudging your Bed for the Best Sleep Ever

A great way to get the best quality of sleep is to smudge your bed before going to sleep.

Smudging is the science of cleaning the energies on a physical object so that it cooperates with your own body’s energies instead of fighting them. You can smudge your clothes when getting dressed in the morning, so your clothes “feel better” when you put them on, they feel like an extension of your own body rather than an impediment or a coating/add-on to it. Smudge your shoes so they aid your feet in doing everything they need to do during the day: running, walking, dancing, jumping, stepping on awkward stones without twisting an ankle.

Smudging works especially well after replacing your sheets with clean ones because it smooths out the chaotic energies of the sheets having tumbled around in a washer and then a dryer. If you air-dry your sheets, congratulations; they need less smudging.  But either way, you might sleep better if you give them a quick smudge before going to sleep tonight.

How to Smudge

There are different ways to do smudging. Here is my technique – it costs nothing, requires nothing but your own body, and takes 5 to 10 minutes at the most.

Pull the sheets back part way like you’re getting into bed. Wipe your forearms and hands in big arcs, all over the surfaces of the bed that will touch your body when you sleep, in all the areas. Wipe your arms and hands around the upper part of your bed, the middle part, and sweep your arms between the sheets where your legs and feet will go – this will make your feet and legs feel so cozy when you go to sleep tonight! Sweep your arms under your pillows, and take each pillow in your hands and smudge the front, back, and all 4 edges of the pillow with your hands.

Wipe your hands and forearms on your headboard too, or on the wall at the head of your bed if there is one. Be sure to also smudge the part of your sheets that you pulled back across the bed – basically any material that could touch you when you are sleeping.

You can move quickly, you don’t have to repeat it over and over on a single spot – just sweep once or twice on an area and move on.

Try to hold a happy-fullness in your heart when you do this. I believe it is heart energy that you’re imbuing into the sheets and pillows, and it will feel so cozy and wonderful when you go to sleep now! If you have a sleep partner, smudge their side of the bed too, they will sleep better with less nightmares and twitches during the night. You’ll be surprised.

How Often?

Smudging like this lasts about a week, after which it needs to be done again. You could do it sooner if you wanted to, like every 4-5 days. Experiment and see. You should probably wash your sheets once a week anyway, putting fresh ones on your bed and smudging them as described. I don’t think we’ve ever washed the comforter on our bed, but I smudge the top edges of it where it might touch our faces, and that seems to be enough.

Smudging with Incense, Oils

Yes you can use incense for smudging, or oils; but in my opinion those things are not needed. Especially since they are “scarce resources” in the physical plane, things you can run out of (must go to the store), and must pay for (might be too expensive for you at some point in your life).


The sweeping technique of smudging with your hands and arms costs nothing and is always available. It takes very little time to do. Nobody has to see you do it.

Try smudging your bed tonight and see if it works for you!

Science of Smudging

What kind of energy is it that we are clearing, when we smudge?

Why does it feel like it’s still attached to my arms and hands, when I’m done?

How do I clear the energies off my arms and hands?  I tried washing with soap and water, and shaking them off in another part of the room, nothing seems to help except just ignoring it – I don’t feel it after time has passed.  Maybe my body absorbed/converted the energy somehow?

Why does it work?

Can anybody do smudging?

Does everybody benefit from smudging even if they don’t believe in it? I think they do. My partner didn’t believe it until I did it a few times, now we both know it helps.  It cut down on nightmares and “twitching” dramatically for us.



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