Stuck Trying to Wake Up

Have you ever gotten stuck trying to wake up? It’s the weirdest feeling – you are back in your body, sort of, but your body feels like it is infinitely heavy; you can’t lift your arms or your head; if you try really hard you can barely flip open your eyelids for a moment to see the image of your room, and you really are seeing your room, but you can’t get up.  You feel trapped and a little scared!

In that state the dream-world can weave in images you may not like, such as seeing a stranger walking into the room, right up to you, talking to you or about you, and leaving. You can’t do anything about it; your family talking about you in the distance; people stomping around in the room; the wall pattern keeps changing; things like that.

It can be really scary.

How To Wake Up

The way to get out of it is:  relax.  Let go.  Don’t try to stay there, don’t try to wake up.  Let go and return to nothingness, just fall back asleep again.  After a few minutes try to wake up again, but slowly this time, not quickly.

If it happens again, you didn’t wait long enough.  Repeat – just float away, back to silence – live there for a bit, understand that you’re safe, it’s OK.  Then try to wake up again.

After 1 or 2 tries you will wake up. The longer you try to hold on and struggle, the longer it will take. Don’t scare yourself this way. I’ve done that, it’s not fun.

Helping Someone Else Wake Up

If you sleep in the same bed with someone and you realize they are experiencing this, you can help them. You might hear them try to talk, and they can hardly say a word; their eyelids flutter; they may seem scared.

Snap your fingers maybe 6-8 inches above their head or face and say “wake up” – don’t do it shockingly, but solidly and certainly, like a command at normal volume:  Wake Up.  Then be silent; don’t say anything else.

If you can connect with them emotionally when you do this, like feeling a desire to talk to them, that’s even better. If you can also feel a heart-energy-connection or stomach-energy (solar-plexus) connection with them, that will help them hear you. In 4-5 seconds they will wake up. If they don’t, try it a second time.  If they don’t wake up then, you can tell them things like: “Go back to sleep.  You are safe.  I will protect you.  Just let go now.”  When they quiet down, just let them sleep.

The goal is to not shock them awake. It may take some practice to learn what works best for them.

After trying this, did it work for you?  What is your experience?

How come nobody teaches this stuff in school?

What is the right age for people to first learn about techniques like this?


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