Pets have Dreams, Too

Our pets dream too, and by that I mean, they visit they Astral plane like you or I when they go to sleep. Not every time they sleep, just as we don’t every single time we sleep. But sometimes.

Just this morning my dog, Buddy, was sleeping on his favorite chair. We tried to discourage him from jumping on this chair, because it’s a recliner and it’s soft, but he insisted, and we gave up the battle over time.

He was sleeping there on his favorite recliner, and suddenly he started yipping, then barking in little short barks. I checked on him and his eyes were closed. He was dreaming a dream!  Probably some bad guy invading his territory, entering our yard! Chase the bad guy, go get him, boy!

Good Buddy, you keep on protecting your home and your family. I love you.


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