Talking to my Higher Self

I don’t talk directly with my higher consciousness very much, I should do that more. We have spoken before. One time I was proud about a lower mental bit of knowledge, like how to solve a logic problem or something, and I said, “I know how to do this mathematical thing! I can explain it if you want!” And my higher mind said, quizzically, “why would I ever want to do that? I have no need for that.”

This really surprised me and got me thinking. Higher mind thoughts are quite different from lower mind thoughts.  The problems they face are different; not the same as on this physical plane. Maybe I don’t even need to know how to do the thing I was proud of, but it’s fun for me, so I learned it and wanted to explain it.  It’s interesting how we sometimes make things harder than they actually have to be, in our physical world. Sometimes we do that because we don’t know any other way to life. Sometimes we do it just for fun. I don’t feel bad about it, but talking to my higher self gives me a fresh perspective, a “view from above”, an experience I don’t often have.

As a Pisces, the symbol of Pisces has a deep meaning for me – two fishes tied together by a cord. Connected.  Separate and independent, yet bound together. One fish is my higher self, and the other is my lower self. My lower self is the one I think of as “me” – my conscious self, with a body, emotions, and mind, awake and aware in this physical plane. My higher self is the subtle one, the watcher, aware and listening, encouraging and guiding without saying much.  My lower self sometimes falls asleep; my higher self stays awake.  My lower self is sometimes pulled in different directions by my bodies; my higher self sticks to a steady course, one-pointed. My higher self doesn’t judge me, but encourages me when I do the right thing, and discourages me when I do something bad and I know better. He knows what I know. I can’t deceive my self.

Sometimes the two fishes try to swim in opposite directions.  I don’t get very far when I do that. But what happens when I start to swim in the same direction as my higher self?  The more I do that, the more amazing my life becomes.  I’ve seen it first hand, I need to do that more. There are a lot of surprises in store for us, a higher and better and happier way of living, even in this physical world, when we follow our higher selves rather than the lower ones.

Pain and agony and separation and old-age come after the lower self. Serenity and freedom and community and agelessness come after the higher self.  Which fish do you want to follow?


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