Physical World Training Ground

There are many ways that the Physical World is a training ground, a school, for people living on various levels above the Physical Plane. One way is to prepare those people to do new work and participate in new activities on the Astral and Mental worlds.

For example, suppose you learn something new right here on the Physical Plane – something you never understood before, for example: how motors work, or a software application, a programming language, or a math formula. Even if you never use that knowledge in the physical world, you just might use it on higher levels – it’s immediately available to you there. This gives you the ability to do things you never could do before, up there. Maybe you can travel to new places on the Higher Mental plane now; meet people who are also experts in the same field; make plans to use the technology and improve it in the future; talk to great planners about the next generation of the technology, better than you had learned or even imagined; etc. It’s not possible for you to see these people and do these things if you have no mental foundation in that area.

The places you go and the work you do on the higher levels are limited to your knowledge and abilities; you don’t generally go to places that you don’t understand, places you can’t help or participate in.  If something is not part of your consciousness, then you aren’t drawn to those places.  The groundwork of experience and skill in an area must be built in you already, for you to be there on the higher planes.  So you can prepare on the physical plane for different experiences on the higher planes.

I have experienced first-hand times where I learned something new on the physical plane, then visited new places and saw new people on the higher-mental plane because of it. One time I learned so much about how the financial world works in the United States of America in a short amount of time (3-4 days), that I tuned in to the “next generation” of finance for our world one night when I went to sleep! I will have to blog about that some day, I think about it from time to time. I worked so hard in understanding what we have on the Physical plane today, and seeing the huge hole in the system that was revealed to every one with the recent world-wide financial downturn, feeling the pain of so many people affected by it, and knowing that nobody in our Physical world can fix it easily; it struck me that great minds must be figuring out what is the new RIGHT way how money should work to make sure these problems never happen again. It doesn’t make sense that value (money) can just “disappear” overnight.  That shouldn’t be possible; value should never be destroyed. I’m happy to say that the solution is coming, it just takes time.

You can attend classes on Higher Mental plane similar to a classroom on Physical Earth today.  Sometimes it looks like a teacher teaching at the front of the classroom, to help a class full of students learn new things up there.  But the basic groundwork for the training must somehow be built first on the Physical plane, from what I have seen. Students can also teach individual topics they are aware of to a class sometimes, when it is clear they have knowledge of something the others want to learn and don’t know yet.

Late to Class, I Agreed to Teach HTML

I remember one time when I was first learning HTML in our world – web sites were just starting to be popular, and people were trying to figure out what markup languages are.  I had printed a document explaining all of the basic HTML tags, what they are, how they work, and began playing around with my own very basic HTML files on my computer, and letting the web-browser display them to see what happened.  It was more exciting to me than you would ordinarily expect.  I think I stayed up a bit too late that night before going to sleep.  After I fell asleep I had a dream where I was late to a class I was supposed to be attending on the Higher Mental plane. This wasn’t the usual Astral “I can’t find my classroom, everything looks different, and I’m in my underwear!” type of dream. No, this was a lot more real than that.

I was immediately walking thru the door to the classroom, and all the other students were already seated, the teacher was standing in front of the display board saying something. He stopped speaking and looked at me when I came in.  The teacher was not happy that I was late. Oh no, I thought, this isn’t good, I hate being late.  He walked immediately to me and said, “You are late. What are you going to do for everyone in this class to make up for it?” in a very stern and commanding voice (unlike any teacher I’ve ever experienced in the Physical plane.) I knew he was right; I owe the whole class something valuable by not being there on time.  I immediately answered, “I will teach everyone in this class HTML,” meaning: HTML as it works on the Physical Plane, and immediately some students exclaimed things like “all right!” They knew that I was in connection with the Physical plane (some of them were not currently), they don’t often get to see or hear what’s going on down there.  They knew the concept of HTML, that it was a future technology being built on the Physical Plane, that it was the cutting-edge part of the Physical Internet.  I was actually surprised at what a positive reaction I got; I hadn’t expected it. Everyone seems to think HTML is more valuable than I thought it was initially, both here and on the Physical plane.

Once I woke up, I remember thinking: that’s odd, I don’t feel like I’ve mastered HTML yet, I can’t remember half of what I read; I’m going to have to play with this a LOT more to be ready to teach anything to anyone.  But in retrospect, I don’t think that’s an issue. Nothing you read is ever lost, even if your physical-brain can’t retain it for one reason or another.  I usually have to read something 2-3 times and play with it before I believe it, before I have it memorized, before I understand it. I think on the higher levels I grok it after only reading it one time.  I was going to master HTML eventually on the Physical plane, soon after that, actually; perhaps immediate future results on the Physical plane are predictable and known on the Higher Mental plane? That’s what I’m thinking now.

The Higher Mental plane often has much better versions of things we have on the Physical plane, such as the Internet, communications, math, science; but, the groundwork has to be created somehow on the physical plane first for it to be used up there, I believe.  But why should the Higher Mental Plane be throttled, in a sense, by the Physical Plane?  I’m not sure about that… there is some mystery here that needs to be researched.


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