Side Scrolling Virtual Reality game on the Astral Plane

In late January I had a dream that I now remember having had many times (though I didn’t remember it until now).  It’s a giant virtual-reality game where the beginning of the game looks like a giant 2-D side-scrolling multi-level system from the distance, like something from Super Mario or more modern game like Terarria or Spelunky and others like them – only way cooler.  The side-scrolling level looks like a vertical face of caves and indentations made out of brown stone of some sort, non-repeating patterns of large and small caves and surfaces, areas to climb, floors jutting out a bit to stand on, ladder-like cutouts in the stone in certain places for climbing, handholds you can reach, and handholds I cannot reach. Each section you visit is a level – I can play an entire game within that level, by walking into the cave that’s right in that section.  Once I’ve completed that level, I come back out of the cave and stand at this same location within this rock-face I was at when I started the level.  If I didn’t win the level, everything looks the same at this point. But once I win the level, something will have changed on this outer face – a change has been made that enables me to climb to a higher point on the rock-face, to visit a new level I couldn’t reach before!  For example maybe a ladder appears, or a walkway to get across a chasm; a rope to swing across to the next level over; etc.  I can even get bonuses on higher levels that grant me abilities like jumping higher than normal (to get to hard-to-reach levels), or give me tools for climbing where there are no handholds, etc.

The thing is, from a distance it may look like a 2-D side-scroller, but in reality it’s fully 3-D and life-size!  When I approached the first level, I saw it the way you would see a rock-cave in real life – in 3 dimensions, with all of the intricate stone detail that you can touch, stand on, sit on, and move around.  It’s fully life-size and 100% realistic. It feels to me like living inside the coolest arcade game, except it doesn’t “feel” like a game – as a player I just happen to know it is a game! And, as a player, I automatically know how the game works; what is expected of me. There are no instructions to read, no way to be confused about the “intent” of this scenario.  I can leave at any time; but I didn’t want to, I wanted to play the game.

The game starts in the lower-left end of the rock face.  The rock face is at least 50 feet tall; I couldn’t see the top of it past 3 levels above me or so.  And it stretches hundreds of feet to the right; I couldn’t see all the way to the end without walking a lot further to the right, at ground-level.  You can easily move to the right along the bottom by simply walking. Ground level is where all the easy levels are.  More experienced players climb higher where the fun challenges are.  You can spend a lot of time just playing a single level, it may take you many nights of visiting and playing to clear a hard level!  So, this entire game can last for months or even years of exciting play.

This game is multi-player – I could see other players moving, climbing, dropping down, swinging in the distance and above me at any given time. I look up and see one player that is standing 2 levels above me – he jumps 3 times higher than I can jump to get to some level I can’t see from here at all; fascinating. There seemed to be a kind of unspoken agreement that each level is single-player with this game, and that others who see you standing in front of a level will leave you alone with that level, and give you the freedom to move to levels nearby. Nobody was running past me or bumping me; climbing in front of me; etc.  That would be impolite.  They gave me space to play. Each player has dozens of levels they were ready for, but which they had not yet cleared; each person evidently would go to a level that was unoccupied and play with it as long as they wanted; go back to the starting rock-face whenever they wanted; and so forth. It was kind of nice, it felt like a community, but I could also do my own thing knowing that friends were not far away.

I have only played this particular dream-game on 10 or 20 nights, or so, spread out over at least a year of time.  (I don’t remember each occurrence; I just have a memory that this is how much I’ve played it so far).  Sometimes I’d play it 2-3 nights in a row, other times a month or two would go by before I returned to it. I play it when I want to and ignore it when I want to. Because I haven’t played it very much (compared to other people I know!) I haven’t solved more than a dozen of the hundreds of unique and interesting levels. But I recall hearing 2 friends of mine talking about this game, on this occasion; I knew that each had won more levels than I have. I ask them about certain specific levels I’m having difficulty with.  As they describe something that will help me clear the level, I can see them playing the level – I am viewing it outside and from afar, and I can sort of distant-experience levels I know I haven’t gotten to yet, through them.

My Interpretation

This is an actual game that exists on the Higher Astral plane, and thousands of people have played it beside me.  I believe it’s “open” all around the clock, because on Earth at any given time, somebody in some time-zone is sleeping.  There are always people who might want to stumble on a fun, entertaining game like this, and many do.  And then again, this kind of game is not fun for many other people – there are plenty of other things to do on the Higher Astral plane to entertain them.  There are chat-rooms with real furniture and entertaining surroundings, and windows open to beautiful scenery outside; people come to these rooms to congregate, to talk to each other, tell stories and hang out with friends. I’ve seen many of them in my time, of different sorts in different places.

You need to understand something: the Astral plane is just as real as the Physical plane where you are while reading this blog article.  That virtual-reality game is just as real as you or me.  It is a real place that exists whether you or I visit it or not.  Some people from the Physical Plane cannot visit there yet, they haven’t prepared themselves to travel in the Astral plane. They haven’t learned to use their Astral body yet, or maybe they can use it but haven’t purified themselves enough to visit the Higher portion of the Astral Plane yet. Another possibility is that they visit this place as much as I do, but simply don’t remember it once they are awake.  Some people have a hard time remembering their dreams.  I am so lucky that I have apparently done the right things in the past, that I get to visit these levels and remember them once I am awake on the Physical Plane.

Astral Plane games like this one were created by a consciousness who contributes energy to keep it going. They are probably a regular person like you or me.  They have a lot of energy to maintain such a complex, detailed construction like this, with all its facets and intricate detail. I believe the energy of the players contributes somewhat to maintaining a game-world like this, but the continuity of the game, which is consistent day after day, month after month, is thanks to the creator and maintainer of the game-world. I believe the creator can look at the game and within the game while it’s operating, and probably derives great enjoyment from seeing all the people having a good time climbing around, solving puzzles, hanging out in their favorite parts, chatting with their friends about it, telling stories about their experiences in the game, and so forth.  It would feel like creating something cool that your friends really enjoy. It would feel like giving back to society, as a thank-you to all the fun things you’ve experienced that other people have created.  It would feel a lot like the driving force behind Open Source Software in our physical world. It would feel a lot like freedom and relaxation and fun.

The Astral Plane is the true Virtual Reality.  It is 100% what everyone wishes Virtual Reality really was.  It’s already there – it already exists, and you can experience it any time you want to.  You only need to learn how to use your Astral body by gaining control over your fears, especially in this dream-world; practice controlling the world around you; and purifying your heart so that you can visit the higher portions of the Astral plane.  I will talk more about all of this in future posts.

I did not create this particular game.  If I had, I would probably know all of the levels.  This is a game somebody else created, and I’ve enjoyed playing it upon occasion.  I don’t think I personally have enough psychic energy to build and maintain such a large construction as this game.  But I know that I have created interesting constructions on the Astral plane before.  One time when I was waking up in the morning while visiting my parents in Sedona, Arizona on the weekend, I was just regaining consciousness around 7AM when I heard a voice in my ear, even though nobody else was in the room with me.  You know that feeling where you’ve just woken up, you’re still groggy and haven’t opened your eyes yet, but you know you’re somewhat awake now and should probably yawn or stretch or something, but you don’t want to, yet?  In that moment, I heard this little girl’s voice, she was maybe 4-5 years old. She said, “I want to build a world, can we build a world now?” I mentally thought back to her “no, I have to go, I have to wake up now.” And then her reply, even louder in my ear than before (like somebody talking full-volume right in front of my left ear): “awwwww, pleeeeeeeeseee?”  And then I opened my eyes.  Nobody was in the room. My connection to the Astral world was gone again, to begin the new day.

But back to the side-scrolling virtual-reality game.  I visited this game in late January 2014, and remembered it during waking consciousness at dinner-time 2 days later. It’s funny how that happens. I feel so familiar with the game, but I didn’t remember until then, which was the first time I remembered it while awake.  I went to my bedroom and got out my dream journal and wrote down as much as I could remember about the game, my friends, what it felt like, and so forth, so I could write this blog article.

Have you experienced dreams of playing this exact game before, while you were sleeping? Do you remember how many levels you have cleared?  I’d love to hear from you, please post a comment.


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